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We a small family business and first and only manufacturer of Tactical K9-equipment in Europe. After more as 25 years of experience in IPO, Ringsport and K9-training, we know all the shortcomings of the existing equipment. We use innovative materials, best quality parts and ergonomic design for our products.

Our mission is to constantly provide more capable K9-units that are better equipped for their missions. We specialize in supplying high-risk K9-teams with a range of equipment that can increase the team`s safety, capability, and effectiveness. By providing research and development based products to sport dogs and professional K9-handlers, our technology program is directed towards solving the problems that exist between man, dog, and the mission.
The backbone of our program is a responsive R&D mandate that perpetually identifies methods and concepts for improving these objectives. Our innovative technology is `Avant Garde` and features several icon innovations usefull for Policedog-training and highest range canine-competition. It`s our priority to manufacture the best quality at the best price !


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